Staff members who are trained well sell more wine. This translates directly to increased sales and profits. Wine Lab is proud to offer specialty services to HORECA outlets, particularly those who do not employ an on-site sommelier. Increase sales by giving a basic wine training to your staff, or get your entire staff WSET certified. Wine Lab can also review your food and wine menus to create optimal wine pairings based on what you already have available. 

On-Site WSET Training

High-margin wine sales are a great way to increase profits in any business in the beverage sector. If your HORECA outlet sells wine, your staff should have the knowledge to confidently recommend wine to customers. The best way to train your staff to certify them with a WSET qualification.

  • Trained staff are more likely to upsell wines, leading to increased profit. 
  • WSET is the global standard for theoretical and practical wine knowledge and food-and-wine pairing.
  • Wine Lab offers private WSET courses to HORECA with group discounts available.
  • Courses can be run on-site at your restaurant or at a Wine Lab venue.


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Restaurant Wine Advice

Wine Lab offers you the benefit of expert wine advice for your menu at a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house sommelier. Offering pairing advice on your menu increases sales and profits. It also allows you to increase the amount of pours per bottle, effectively reducing waste from wine that must be poured out after a bottle has been open too long. Services that Wine Lab offers to HORECA include:

  • Pairing existing wines  and menu items for permanent, special, or seasonal menus.
  • Reviewing your wine list to provide advice on offering a well-rounded wine list.
  • Help with sourcing wines.
  • Writing wine descriptions for your wine list.


Contact Wine Lab for details.

Wine Lab Training

Wine Lab offers a basic course in wine with instruction on food and wine pairing. The course can be designed to incorporate wines you already have in your restaurant. This will provide your staff with the basic tools they need to make recommendations to customers in order to upsell wines to increase your restaurant’s sales and profits.

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